~ Unique Hand-Crafted Gifts ~

Welcome to RAINDOG CREATIONS!!!  Our motto:  "PLAY HARD, NAP OFTEN, CREATE CONTINUOUSLY!"  We hope that you will enjoy our wide variety of gifts!  RAINDOG CREATIONS has basically 3 products lines to hopefully fit any occaision!  As many of our gifts are one of a kind, our inventory is constantly changing!  So be sure to check back often or contact us if you can't find what you're searching for on our site!  info@raindogcreations.com
R3-PRODUCTIONS:  Rescue! Re-Use! & Renew! - Here you'll find common objects, which have been given a second life as new creations inspired by  the old adage: " one person's trash - is another person's treasure" ! - So enjoy these "renewed" treasures & know that your helping the environment by recycling with a creative twist!
SHIORI- YOKOSO!  (Welcome!) to our SHIORI line of gifts, which are inspired by traditional Japanese handcrafts, but are presented with a new RAINDOG twist.  Many of the cards and other creations incorporate WASHI or traditional Japanese papers and feature various techniques of origami and brush painting.  CHIRIMEN or Japanese crepe fabric decorated with kimono designs or traditional patterns is another favorite item used in making jewelry or gifts you'll find @ SHIORI. 

RAINDOG CREATIONS - Where all inspiration begins!!! Here you'll find a wide variety of fun and whimsical hand-made gifts including but not limited to: cards, jewelry & truly one of a kind creations!  Treat yourself or a friend to something special!

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